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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 2, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PST

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. the light that vandals set on fire had to be hauled away. it's a lot to take in on the way to class. there's a lot of talk here on campus about how this is not a good way to get attention. there's a lot of frustration over the black block group that appears to be responsible for this. >> it was a peaceful protest but on the other hand there was a couple of folks inside in violence. they didn't look like students. >> on campus we didn't make any friends. no one looked at like the picture of the fire and decided
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that oh, these kid s have some good points about gender neutral bathrooms. >> reporter: here is a look at the damage downtown. several businesses had to do some cleaning up this morning. we heard a lot of frustration this morning about police. some are wondering why officers didn't do more to stop the age at a timers. why they didn't move in and make more arrests. we have made several calls to the campus police department to ask them about the decision to pull back rather than going in. we haven't heard back from them yet. we will continue to try to ask them questions about the strategy. abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. uc berkeley insists its student bs a s are not to blame for the violence. >> president trump is taking aim threatening to take away money. he tweeted if uc berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent
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people with a different fund of view, no federal funds. >> uc says they were not students and it was cancelled because of safety reasons. >> they picked up barricades. that's not our students. that's not our student's behavior. >> here is a look at the peaceful protest before things turned violent. federal money accounts for one third of uc system's budget. it amounts to about $8.5 billion a year. that's for veresearch, health ce and education. >> barbara lee reacted saying berkeley has a proud history of sis dissent. i am dispinted by the unacceptable acts of violence last night which were counterproductive and dangerous. who was behind all of last night's violence? it's believed to be protesters who used a tactic called black
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block to stay anonymous. it dates back to the '70s. demonstrators use it to infiltrate peaceful protests and create mayhem. they are dressed in all black while smashing windows, vandalizing property and setting fires. >> it started because of the speaker on campus. he got evacuated. when he got do safe location he went on facebook live and here is what he said. >> turns out the progressive left, the social justice left, the feminist black lives matter, the hard left, which has become so utterly against free speech is taking a turn post-trump election where they will not allow any speaker on campus even sun as silly, harmless and gay as me. >> he cite sized the police response and said they weren't
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aggressive. he called it a sit back and watch approach. the clash caused pain to some people caught in the middle. watch what happened as wayne freedman interviewed a woman last night during the protest. >> are you surprised? ma'am. >> as you saw, this woman was pepper sprayed in the face. kiare robels said she was there are to hear milo talk. she told wayne later she's okay. we posted more of the video on our facebook page. it's getting a huge response. a lot of people have varying reactions and sharing it. head to our facebook page to see for yourself pmplts we'll turn now to our weather. we are on storm watch tracking light rain that's bringing it to the bay area. some you have may have woken up to showers. as we look live, it's amazing how a light storm, just a one on
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our scale can cause three-hour delays for flights coming in. that's how the airport works. >> you can see the visibility very low. up in the north bay it's going to be a little steadier. as you can see on live doppler 7, you have received almost 5 to 6 to 7 times more rain than most of us have. i'll have the rain totals in the big weather. let me show you another area getting wet. the airport down towards burling game. there's no yellows, orange, no reds. these are light, scattered showers. that's what we'll see for the better part of today. that's why the storm will stay a one on our storm impact scale. here is a look at what i expect to happen. you can see the steady rain in san rafael. it's a moderate impact. trees down, power outage, small creeks on the lower threshold. i'll give you an idea what's to come. we have about seven more days of rain. reggie.
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>> looking forward to it, i think. gnaw roua new round of rain we're keeping an eye on reservoirs. >> the ground is wet here in the south bay. we seen showers on and off all morning long. there is no lack of water here. it was dark and stormy night. just some light showers for the most part. when your ten reservoirs in the santa clara water district are above normal, even filled to the brim for some, you have to prepare for the wet weather. >> with the dry weather we have been able to release water for most of them to get them to a safer level to make room for the flood waters that are coming in, the inflows into the reservoir. >> they are more than 100% of capacity. that's why we're able to capture this video this morning. a water spilling over and out and in the creek.
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lexington reservoir is at about 85% capacity. the water district has done some water release fs in the past we getting ready for more rain to fill it up. seismic restrictions means releases have been taking place. mother nature has been cooperating too. giving us a chance recently to help with the flooding. looks like more will be coming to keep our water supply up. >> through january we're thinking this has been a great month but what if february, march are completely dry. we might find ourselves back in a drought situation. it's looking like there's some rain in the forecast for february. we're encouraged by that. it looks like the storms are spread out. we don't have as much of a concern of flooding. >> reporter: good news, indeed. you can see this water that's being released from the anderson reservoir is glowing in inflowi
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coyote creek. they don't expect any flooding issues this weekend. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> rain here means snow in the sierra. you can see plenty of fresh snow which is good news for california's drought recovery. today's snow pack survey is expected to bring more optimism. right now state water fishes are out there getting ready to measure the snow pack for the second time this year. water experts are hoping for a positive result after january storms brought almost a year's worth of snow and rain in a single month. there's gnaw development today on president trump's executive order on immigration. the oversight arm of the department of homeland security is reviewing how the department implemented that order that led to this weekend's protests. there are claims that dhs officials defied court orders suspended deportations and were expected to do so by higher ups. this morning president trump is
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breaking away from talk about the immigration ban and defending tough talk about the governments of iran and austr austral australia. >> reporter: this morning president trump vowing to fix what's wrong with the world. >> we're going to straighten it out. believe me, when you hear about the tough phones call i'm having, don't worry about it. >> reporter: the president calling his tough talk with world leaders necessary. >> this time we're going to be a little tough. we're taking advantage of by every nation in the world trrp trump has taken on mexico, iran and now australia. posting on twitter the obama administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from australia. i will study this dumb deal. that deal meant to settle refugees from two remote islands. tough had one of those tough calls with australia's prime minister. hours after his executive order banning some refugees to the
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u.s. indefinitely. >> i can assure you the relationship is very strong. i stand up for australia in every forum, public or private. >> reporter: the trump administration sending a message to iran. trump's national security advisor michael flynn putting them on notice saying after iran's test of yet another ballistic missile, all options are on the table. >> iran's continues to threaten u.s. friends and ally oies on t region. >> reporter: according to a copty of the proposed order. >> freedom of religion is a sacred right, but it's also a right under threat. >> reporter: if this religious freedom executive order becomes reality, some private companies may not have to provide contraceptive coverage to their employees. >> more now on president trump.
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arnold schwarzenegger is firing back after the president slammed the actor and his celebrity apprentice rating. >> they hired a big, big movie star to take my place. the ratings went right down the tubes. it's been a total disaster. >> the president took a personal dig at schwarzenegger during the national prayer breakfast this morning. he even jokingly asked everyone to pray for the star in the show. the former california governor quickly responded on twitter. >> hey, dond, i have a great beyond all doubt, why don't we switch jobs. you take over tv because you're sump an expert in ratings and i take over your job and then people can finally sleep comfortably again. >> the actor turned republican politician said he would have run for president during the last election if he had been born in america. next, uc berkeley chancellor weighs in on the night of
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violence. new hope in the wake of oakland's deadly fire. we have an update on that missing 12-year-old boy from mountain view
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back now to our top story we just got into the abc 7 news room. this statement condemning the violence but what he says was a group of outsiders. he wrote in part, we deeply regret that the violence unleashed by this group
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undermine the first amendment rights of the speaker as well as those who came to lawfully assemble and protest his presence. businesses and homeowners who suffered losses during oakland's deadly ghost ship fire are eligible for loans. the loans are now officially available. businesses and non-profits can borrow up to $2 million. homeowner can boar rrow up to 200,000. we have new details this morning about a mountain vie boy who wased missing. he's found safe. he was found around 7:00 this morning in santa clara. he was reported missing yesterday after walking away from graham middle school. police tell abc 7 news they're talking with him now to see how he ended up 11 miles away. up next, rain today, rain
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tomorrow. >> we get the idea. >> rain the next day. >> mike is putting the final touches on the forecast as we look live from our emeryville camera. >> find out when you'll see rain where you live right after this.
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it's february 2nd. that means the groundhog has
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spoken. >> what you mean? what? okay. we got her. >> punxsutawney phil made it here that he saw his shadow and we're in for another six weeks of winter. records dating to 1887 show phil saw his shadow 142 times. >> we have talked about how i don't appreciate punxsutawney phil. >> he's got no predictive skill, as if we need a scientist to tell us that. >> leave this animal alone. >> they should make a movie about it. >> trust mike, not phil. >> i'm a little better than 38%, i'd like to think. i'm sure someone will tell me if i'm not.
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good morning. the rain kind of -- it did play out the way we expected. more than an inch in concord had about.16. this way it look, that should say walnut creek right now. you can see how dry it is there. this is 101 and 880. you'll need to grab the sunglasses. it's one of those day where is we could see a rogue rainbow or two. the wind advisory, the weather service said let's back off a bit. it's not quite that windy out. heavier rain tonight and sunday evening but this wet pattern, there's chance of rain all the way through wednesday. you can see here, seeing some of our better radar. it kind of dries up unless you're down towards morgan hill.
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you can see the area pressing to the north. tonight, a cold front will roll through and bring the heavier chance of rain. you can see sunshine and showers. we'll have a few isolated showers as we head through the evening hours. let's take a look at it. from noon until 5:00, notice no yellows or oranges. it's just splattering of green out there. yellows, oranges and reds are back. that means moderate to a brief heavy downpour. that moves through over the next four to five hours. just like this morning, you'll wake up and there will be puddles. the heaviest rain will be over. you can see a lot of scattered, light showers. if you're heading into the sierra, not saying you should go but right now is the best time
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to go. the snow levels will be light today through tomorrow morning. then they pick up tomorrow afternoon. we end up with nearly two to three feet. here is my sfds. what you'll notice is there's a storm impact scale every day. we should probably add one to wednesday although. not expecting much danger nor flooding. slow down. >> all right. will do. it's a pregnancy announcement that broke the internet. >> we'll show you
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you'll soon have a chance to weigh in on okay land unify id school district to search for a superintendent. they are asking the public what qualities you want in a new leader. the board plans to hold meetings to get community input. they will start taking applications for that job february 27th. it hopes to have a new superintendent this place by may. coming up at 4:00, pit's a growing problem. drivers causing big back ups. what's being done to get them on the right track. germs at the gym. we reveal what to look out for tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. now to proof the beehive,
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which is beyonce's super fan group, may be the strongest of all the fans out there. >> people are losing their minds overbeyonce's pregnancy announcement on instagram. she is expecting twins. >> within 15 minutes of yesterday's announcement, there were 17,000 tweets per minute about beyonce's news. there's a lot of news these days. she rel cut through the clutter. the photo received almost 5 million likes in less than five hours. it has now more than 8.45 million likes making it the most liked picture ever. >> wait until the baby pictures come out. that's going to go nuts. >> the internet might as well shut down that day. >> thanks for joining us today.
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>> last year, they were headed for the top until one question ended their game. now, these former contestants are getting a do-over. will they be big winners this time around? it's second chance week on "millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ thank you very much. welcome to second chance week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] today's second-chance contestant learned the hard way--don't say, "final answer," until it's really your final answer. from brooklyn, new york, please welcome back jeanell allen. [cheers and applause] >> hi! >> hey, jeanell. it's good to see you again. >> good to see you too. >> come on over. >> all right. [cheers and applause] ooh! mmm! oh, dear god. >> you don't get many do-overs in life... >> no, we don't. >> but this is one of them. >> yeah.


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